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Sunday Best: The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress was originally designed in the 70s by Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) and has since been recreated innumerable times by other designers and brands. It is a staple in every sense - so flattering, so elegant and so versatile, that it will never fade out of fashion. And I have to mention that flattering is kind of an understatement. These dresses are a little bit magical and can change your thoughts from "Well, I guess I look ok" to "Hello, gorgeous!"

Ivanka Trump, Kate Middleton, and Kelly Ripa wearing the iconic wrap dress

A true wrap dress is fastened by only the ties at the waist, allowing a perfect, custom fit every time you put it on. (There are plenty of faux wraps which are sewn shut.) The true wrap does present a couple of wardrobe malfunction worries. If the ties loosen during the day, the neckline can become more and more plunging. Not a look I want to go for, so I very carefully pin the dress where the fabric crosses over. I've become quite accomplished at no-show pinning. :) The other concern is the skirt with windy weather. My solution: spanx shorts underneath and a hand at the ready to hold the skirt shut.

I just realized that I've made this dress sound too risky to wear. It's not, really! Just the couple quick fixes I mentioned above, and it's entirely worth it. Here's how I styled mine.

Pearl necklace, denim flats.. good to go!

This dress is from Ann Taylor, where select colors are available on an great sale at the moment. Much less expensive than buying a true DVF, but just as nice. (And machine-washable too, yay!)

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