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Holiday Dressing for Home

It's almost New Year's, which means plotting and scheming a sufficiently sparkly outfit for the occasion. While I do love the gold sequin shift I wore last year, I kind of wanted something new, yet I didn't want to buy anything. You know the feeling? So I went rifling through my boxes of off-season clothes, which happen to share a closet with Christmas decor. Long story short, I'm going to wear a tree skirt for New Year's. (You know you've been cooped up to long when you start getting jealous of the Christmas tree's accessories. Ha!)

I know it sounds a mite peculiar, but stick with me here... I think you'll be surprised at how cute this turned out!

Fun fact: It was -7°F when I took these pictures. Fastest photo shoot ever!

The great thing about tree skirts is they're a perfect circle, so they provide all the fun twirl of a 50s swing skirt. They're also finished on all edges and have a way of fastening shut (usually velcro or ties). Just add a secure safety pin or two at the waist, and you'll be good to go! And fear not if you should suffer a wardrobe malfunction - we're all stuck at home anyway, so there's no chance of public embarrassment!

I'll admit, this NYE repurposing project may not work if you have an overtly Christmas-y tree skirt with Santas or reindeer and the like, but do keep it in mind for the holidays next year! ;)

Sending you all the warmest wishes for 2021!

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