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The 100 Day Dress

Wool& ships their products in plastic-free packaging.

A little over a month ago, I began this crazy endeavor called the "100 Day Dress Challenge." It was started by a small company called Wool& to demonstrate the sustainability of wool clothing, as well as to make a point about simplifying your wardrobe needs. Wool& challenges customers to wear one of their dresses for 100 days straight. As a reward, they offer $100 of store credit upon completion. I was intrigued (dress fanatic that I am) and decided to give it a try.

I bet you're already wondering, are you allowed to wash the dress? And yes, you absolutely are! One of the great things about wool is that it resists odor, so it can make it longer between washings. (Less water used, more eco-friendly, etc.) I've been washing my dress faithfully once a week, and have yet to notice any smells. Each night, I drape it over a hanger, inside-out, and hang it in the porch, which gets nice, crisp air this time of year.. perfect for freshening up any clothing.

I chose black because it's my favorite color, goes with everything, and happens to be the default color for musicians. :) Reminds me of a quote...

You can have any color - so long as it's black. ~Henry Ford

As I write this, I'm on day 41 of wearing the dress. It's been to classrooms, grocery stores, concerts, walks with the dog... everything from formal to casual. My favorite look or "uniform" so far is the dress + cardigan + scarf/necklace, though I've tried some other combinations too. (See below.)

Dress fashioned into a peplum-style top, so it could be worn with jeans.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for the grand finish (should be early January, before it gets too cold, I hope!)

Casual fall look with a tied flannel and boots.

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