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Summery Sunday Looks

Well, it's officially summer! The temperatures have been saying so for weeks, but I guess June 20th marks the true start of the season. :)

Here's a recap of two recent Sunday Best looks, both light, breezy dresses perfect for warm, summer days.

June 13

Borrowed this khaki utility style dress from Mom. Another great rummage sale find. (Apparently, it's a very Midwestern habit to talk about what a deal an item was when you receive a compliment about it. I never noticed, but I guess I do this quite a lot!) By itself, it's kind of a plain dress, but my favorite Ralph Lauren belt and matching pair of sandals help kick it up a notch.

June 20

This Sunday at church was a "Summer Kick-off" themed service, which included some beach decor, Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, sunglasses and lemonade. It was such fun! I picked out my most summery dress, a sherbet-colored floral midi with a relaxed, gauzy texture. (Available in a few different prints from JCPenney.)

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Detail of layered lockets


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