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Strawberry Simplicity

The season for strawberries is coming to a close. I went picking a couple weeks ago and tried to limit myself this time. I found that the 15 pounds I picked last year was a bit much. Smaller quantities get appreciated more. :)

Always looking for something new and creative when it comes to baking, I decided to try a strawberry cookie recipe. We often think of berries in the context of pies, cakes and jams, so cookies struck me as an "outside the box" idea.

Strawberry White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Here is the recipe that I used from The Recipe Critic. A few helpful tips from me - drain the strawberry pieces on a napkin before adding them to the dough. When you do mix the strawberries in, take it easy! Stir as little as possible, just until they're incorporated. (If the strawberries get smushed too much, they could leave some unsightly purplish streaks of juice throughout the dough.) The only other modification I made to this recipe was using white chocolate chunks instead of milk chocolate chips. Baker's chocolate broken into small pieces worked well for this purpose.

Nothing ever tasted so delicious as those strawberries and cream, eaten under a great blue sky all curled over with little fluffy white clouds, and in the long shadows of the wood with its lispings and murmurings. ~L.M. Montgomery

Strawberry Amuse-Bouche

Amuse-bouche is a fun, bite-sized treat, literally meaning "mouth amusement" in French. I'm mortified to admit that I used store-bought shortbread cookies here, not made from scratch like I usually insist upon. But it is summer after all, we should allow ourselves a few moments to relax. Haha!

Triple Berry Eton Mess

If you do want to put in some extra effort, I highly recommend this classic British dessert - the Eton mess. All you need is shortbread (these were homemade!), fresh whipped cream, and mixed berries. Simple, yet divine. :) For optimal flavor melding, chill the crumbled shortbread, cream and berries in their serving dishes for a few hours at least. Top with a fresh shortbread cookie and whipped cream right before serving.

Have you gone strawberry picking this year? Tried any new desserts? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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P.S. More strawberry inspiration below!


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