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Reflecting on the Great Zucchini Challenge

Wrapping up the zucchini challenge in today's post. I saved some of the best for last!

Cranberry Walnut Zucchini Muffins

These have earned a place as runner-up to my favorite muffin of all time (number 1 being these raspberry chocolate chip beauties) This Taste of Home recipe makes a really tiny batch, so I ended up tripling it. Using just 1 measly cup of zucchini hardly qualifies as a worthy contribution in the "we-have-to-use-it-all-up-now-or-it's-going-to-rot" campaign. (If you have a big garden too, you know what I mean. Ha!)

Another thing that I like about this recipe is that it's easy to memorize. Several of the measurements are the same so eventually, you can just throw it together like Cinderella's fairy godmother, flitting about the kitchen and flicking teaspoons like a magic wand. "Bippity boppity boo" incantations are optional of course. Or maybe it should be "zucchini zocchini zoo?" Perhaps I'll move on before this gets too far out there. ;)

Zucchini Brownies

Now these actually make a perceivable dent in the surplus of zucchini, using 3 full cups per batch. As I mentioned before, always seeking to "use it up!" For the good of the cause and all that.

This brownie recipe turned out just divine - moist and fudgy, with chocolate chunks to boot!

Happy baking!

Thank you for stopping by,


P.S. Here are the other installments of the Great Zucchini Challenge for your perusal...


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