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Christmas Music in July!

Only 155 days until Christmas! Even though it's sweltering outside, there's no reason we can't enjoy a few holiday tunes, watch a Hallmark movie, and sip a hot chocolate (maybe an iced hot chocolate... is that an oxymoron?)

When I was in the St. Norbert College Concert Choir, my favorite performance of each year was, without question, the Festival of Christmas. Each year, the St. Norbert music department pulls out all the stops to present a sellout holiday show, followed by an equally wonderful dessert and wassail reception. I would say the event is just as enjoyable for the performers as for the audience. Backstage, the Christmas cheer is palpable, with students bursting into song and spontaneously adding harmony to the carols we know so well. These are among my best college memories. Today, with Christmas in July fast approaching, I'd like to share a few holiday tunes with you (links below). One is actually from the Festival of Christmas 2016 - "What Strangers Are These" by Dan Forrest. And yes, that's me playing the piano accompaniment! The other song I'd like to share is the title track from my album Lumières de Noël, or Christmas Lights. When writing this composition, I wanted it to be reminiscent of the flickering lights we see during the holiday season, whether simple candles in the windows, or more colorful, elaborate displays. To round out the selection, I've added the classic favorite "Joy to the World." My arrangement of this carol features two piano tracks, creating a sort of duet with myself.

Three Songs for Christmas in July

Hopefully these songs provide just the right sampling of Christmas that we need in the middle of summer. Please enjoy!

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