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Practice Makes Better

Gosh, have I missed skating since last winter! It was so wonderful to get back on the ice and brush up the few skills I had learned. Figure skating has always been my favorite event to watch on the Winter Olympics (which start in Beijing on February 4th, by the way! Who else is watching?) Though I'm light-years away from performing a triple axel... or any kind of axel for that matter, I still value the chance to test myself a bit each time I lace up my skates.

It's fun to observe the progress I make with each practice. Because I've reached a certain level with piano, the improvements aren't as noticeable. With skating, however, I'm such a novice that every small achievement seems like a big deal :)

Here's a short video of the "tricks" I've accomplished so far.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ~Albert Einstein

Hope you've been inspired to work on something new as well!

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