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An Assortment: Vol. IX

Happy President's Day, all! Hope you're staying warm!

Here is a roundup of recent favorite things that can help us better enjoy/endure winter. :)

Hit the Ice

Skating is my newest hobby, and I must admit, I've gotten a little bit addicted. At the start of January, I dug out this old rusty pair of skates from the basement (50 cents from a rummage sale they were!) and tromped over to the neighborhood rink. I'm by no means good at skating yet, but it has taught me some persistence. The old saying "Fall down seven times, stand up eight," was never so applicable!

What's on Masterpiece?

PBS has had an exceptional lineup of shows recently. Next Sunday will be the finale of All Creatures Great & Small (based on the heart-warming books by English veterinarian, James Herriot), as well as the finale of Miss Scarlet and the Duke. Set in Victorian-era London, Miss Scarlet struggles to make a name for herself when she takes over her father's detective business. She works with Inspector Wellington (the Duke) on a number of cases, and they consistently get on each other's nerves. Also worth noting, Wellington has a smolder second only to Ross Poldark.

Bake Instead of Buy

Homemade poptarts are easier than you might think, just pastry + pie filling + glaze (oh, and sprinkles of course!) Here's a cute little batch of strawberry poptarts I made last week. Such a nostalgic flavor!

Lastly, this cartoon of "Winter Strategies" made me laugh right out loud.

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