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A Winter Assortment

Just a little round-up of cozy pastimes to pass the time in winter!

Knitting in the New Year

I've been on rather a knitting spree since Christmas, with a renewed interest in the hobby since I successfully learned some new stitches, like this pretty simple seed stitch. Until now, I had been stuck in a habit of just rectangles, stockinette or garter stitch only. Learning how to increase and decrease stitches has also created new possibilities! :)

Simple seed stitch scarf

Cranberry Orange Muffins

These were a recent recipe revamping success... so pleased with how they turned out. I used my favorite zucchini muffin recipe, substituting the zucchini with a cranberry orange puree. A little lemon glaze on top makes for a very bright tasting muffin, a perfect pick-me-up for a dreary morning.

A "Winter" Tree

I never like taking down the Christmas tree, so it often gets restyled to remain up another month. Take down the red ornaments, add in some snowy cotton batting... easy enough! I just love that warm, white glow of lights.

I spy Pruitt.

What to watch

All the good shows are happening all at once on PBS Masterpiece this Sunday. I so look forward to the season premieres of Miss Scarlet and the Duke and All Creatures Great and Small. Check out the previews on their website.

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