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Wonders of Winter

Back in fall, I put together a post called "Falling in Love with Fall," sharing some of my favorite quotes about the season. I refer to this fondly as an exercise in "season appreciation." :) Sometimes it can be difficult to enjoy the present moment if we dwell on what we don't have. For example, right now it's drippy and disgusting outside. I wish we had a fresh layer of white snow to make everything look nice. A smattering of sunshine would be welcome too! However, if I scroll back through my picture gallery, I can see that we just had some lovely snow (and being it's only the beginning of January, there's plenty yet to come). As a whole, winter is quite a beautiful season, so let's focus on the beautiful days it has to offer. The drippy days will pass soon enough!

Here are some favorite quotes to remind us of all the wonders of winter, along with some of my best photos from hikes and other snowy excursions. :)

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Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
Jan 07, 2020

Oh I love that Lewis Carroll quote, that is a new one to me!

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