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Women's Suffrage Centennial

Next week on August 18th, we celebrate 100 years since the nineteenth amendment was ratified, granting women the right to vote. What a special day to remember! Thoroughly inspired by this historic anniversary, I decided to get crafty and make my very own suffragette pin. Using some ribbon from my stash, I sewed up a rosette in the colors of the American suffrage movement (more about that below.)

Fun fact- the U.S. colors were slightly different than those used in Britain. If we recall the suffrage sash that Mrs. Winifred Banks wore in Mary Poppins, their colors were green, white, and purple. These represented hope, purity, and dignity. American women swapped the green for gold, to represent light and life. This cheery hue was also a nod to the sunflower, which was chosen by women leaders Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to be a symbol of the movement.

Just about the entire week I've been humming or singing Mrs. Banks' catchy tune...

Cast off the shackles of yesterday,

Shoulder to shoulder into the fray

Our daugters' daughters will adore us

As they sing in grateful chorus,

"Well done, sister suffragette!"

Casting my vote at the Wisconsin primary

The end of August, there will be an art exhibit called "Building the Movement" displayed at the White House. First Lady Melania Trump invited children across the country to submit artwork depicting the suffrage movement. Check out some of the beautiful illustrations that were submitted here! The exhibit will be available to view digitally at, starting August 24.

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Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
12 août 2020

Watched "The Suffragette" on Netflix, it was fantastic (especially for those who are fans of Helena Bonham Carter) and right in line with your message for us Eva ~ hats off to the women we are, the women before us and those up and coming

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