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Trimming the Easter Tree

Each year, our family puts together an Easter tree to celebrate the special holiday. Dad cuts a few low-hanging maple branches that we bring in the living room to decorate with lights, eggs, and blossoms. (Since I really shouldn't decorate for Christmas all year, the Easter tree is a suitable remedy for my Yuletide withdrawals. Haha.) Here's a brief guide on how to make your own!

What you'll need

  • A few branches. No larger than 5 ft. in length

  • White spray paint (optional)

  • Bucket

  • Rocks

  • Pastel or Easter print fabric

  • Mini lights. Regular Christmas lights tend to be too heavy, both physically and visually)

  • Easter egg ornaments. Available at Hobby Lobby and other such stores.

  • Faux florals. Cherry blossoms are a favorite choice!

How to

  1. If you wish, you can give the branches a coat of white spray paint. We did this last year and it created a lovely, subtle finish. Almost like a limewash. Or you can of course leave the branches au naturale. :)

  2. Position the branches in a large bucket and fill in with rocks to stabilize the branches.

  3. Wrap the bucket in a pastel or Easter print fabric.

  4. Decorate the tree!

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