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Trimming Side-swept Bangs

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

When I was little, my very first hairstyle included blunt, full-fringe bangs. I grew them out a couple times over the years, but at present, I'm quite settled with my side-swept bangs. I think this look helps take the edge off my squarish face. Also, the bangs are just long enough that they can easily be hairsprayed into an updo, so they have a bit of versatility.

Today, I'd like to share just how easy it is to trim your hair at home. I have never stepped into a salon in my life. I can hardly imagine how much money this has saved... supposing a $25 haircut every 2 months for 20 years, which comes out to $3,000! A simple DIY trim can save both money and the hassle of scheduling an appointment. Before picking up a scissors however, you do have to ensure a couple of things:

A.) you are not exhausted

B.) you are not upset

A haircut can only look as nice and relaxed as the hairdresser feels (in this case, you!) So maybe don't choose to do a trim after a long, hard day.

What you'll need

small, sharp scissors

brush or comb

hair tie

about 10 minutes without distraction

How to

  1. Brush your hair out smooth.

  2. Sweep it into a ponytail or updo, leaving bangs loose in front of your face.

  3. Starting at the center of your bangs, grab a small 1/4" piece of hair and hold it taut to the end of your nose, as demonstrated in the above image.

  4. Using a small, sharp scissors, trim off the ends that extend beyond the tip of your nose.

  5. Continue grabbing small sections, trimming as described, and work your way outward to the side of your face. Note: For an even more graduated trim, measure some of the outermost strands to the corner of your mouth instead of your nose. This creates a more subtle transition from the bangs to the rest of your hair, as it's a more intermediate length.

And there you have it! Nicely trimmed, side-swept bangs at no cost to you. :)

'Til next time,



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