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Thirty Days Thankful: Stories

Today, I am thankful for stories. It's always fun to get wrapped up in a good story, whether it's in a novel, a film, or an episode on PBS Masterpiece. ;) In this post, I'll share a few favorites with you, along with some links back to my other story posts.


I loved reading Home: A Memoir of My Early Years by Julie Andrews. It was so fascinating to learn about her start in music, as a child singing prodigy who could hit high F's like they were going out of style. This memoir covers everything pre-Mary Poppins. (And she's written a new book called Home Work, which recounts her time in Hollywood. Definitely on my must-read list. I've got the Google Books preview open right now.)

Other recommendations:


I had the chance to see the Downton Abbey movie shortly after it came out in September. To be honest, I was a bit worried that they would ruin it. The final season had ended so well, and I didn't want anything to mess with the fond memories I had of the show. However, the movie was truly wonderful. Beautiful costumes, heartwarming moments and humor, the same glorious musical score. (Cried like a baby when I heard the opening theme.) I even noticed a few interesting parallels between the series and the movie. Overall, I highly recommend it!

Other recommendations:

Masterpiece on PBS

The Poldark finale is this Sunday, y'all! The last episode of the last season. *sob* No more Paloozas to plan. No more sweeping Cornwall landscapes. No more of Ross' smoldering gazes. It's gonna take me a good while to recover from the heartache of this series being over. :(

Fortunately, Masterpiece often has another good show just around the corner. Their lineup for the next few months looks promising.

  • The Chaperone. Premieres November 24, 2019.

Set in roaring 20s New York City, this drama stars Elizabeth McGovern (none other than Cora from Downton Abbey.)

  • Sanditon. Premieres January 12, 2020

An eight-episode series based on the unfinished novel by Jane Austen.

  • World on Fire. Premieres April 5, 2020

This new show will follow the lives of five ordinary people in five different countries at the beginning of World War II. Did I mention that it stars Sean Bean?! I think I have, but it's worth sharing again. :)

  • Victoria. Premieres ???

The season 3 finale was a cliffhanger if ever I saw one, so I'm sure any fellow Victoria fans are anxious to find out when the next season will be airing. Turns out we might have a bit of a wait ahead of us. Find out more in this Town and Country article.

What are your favorite stories at the moment? Novel or movie or otherwise? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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