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The Great Rhubarb Challenge Continues

Another installment of the Great Rhubarb Challenge coming your way! The end of June I went strawberry picking and came back with 15 pounds of berries. You might say I got carried away. hehe. Luckily, strawberry and rhubarb is one of the greatest flavor combinations under the sun, so that has helped break up the monotony of the rhubarb challenge!

Here are some favorites of the past couple weeks...

  • Rhubarb Clafoutis

I've been wanting to try this French dessert for a long time. It's essentially a pancake batter that bakes into a kind of custard. I used Julia Child's recipe, swapping out the berries for fresh chopped rhubarb. One thing that surprised me about this is that it doesn't call for butter. Shocking, I know, considering some French desserts that use at least 2 sticks! Anywho, I think this is a perfectly rustic, yet elegant dish - a lovely way to showcase seasonal fruit.

  • Healthy Slow Cooker Granola

In this recipe, I swapped out the apple sauce for rhubarb puree. This batch was the best clumping granola I've made to date... maybe the rhubarb was the magic ingredient it was missing all along. Who knows? :) My favorite way to enjoy granola is with milk and a generous handful of berries and fruit (fresh and/or dried) on top.

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

From AllRecipes. Aside from the usual toast application, this works great as a layer cake filling. Or served warm on vanilla ice cream. ;)

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