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The Days of Chocolate and Raspberries

For Tina - a faithful reader, friend, and trifle aficionado. :)

We've finally reached the end of raspberry picking. (Blackberries are next and coming in fast!) The quantity of raspberries dwindled from a large Tupperware container each day, to pint-size buckets, to a handful at the end. I froze a few quarts to be used in future desserts or jam-making, but we've enjoyed plenty of the berries fresh too. :)

This post details two similar desserts - one showstopper and one everyday - that combine chocolate pudding and raspberries. Just think of it...the rich creaminess of a homemade chocolate "pud," along with the sweet zing of the berries... a match made in heaven if you ask me!

The only recipes you need to accomplish the following are a basic chocolate cake and a pudding. You can tell Betty Crocker is one of my most trusted baking sources. ;) I especially love the optional modifications for the pudding, so you can switch from vanilla to chocolate without searching for another recipe.

And while I tend to advocate from-scratch baking, it's always an option to use mixes if you're short on time!

Showstopper Trifle

The layers in order of assembly, bottom to top.

  • Chocolate cake crumbles + chocolate pudding

  • Berries + whipped cream

  • Raspberry vanilla pudding (vanilla pudding with berries beaten in to lend a pink color)

  • Chocolate cake crumbles + chocolate mousse (simply chocolate pudding and whipped cream combined)

  • Raspberries and the final layer of whipped cream

  • Garnish: an artful arrangement of berries and a teeny sprinkle of cake crumbs

Everyday Pudding Parfait

The layers

  • Chocolate pudding

  • Chocolate graham cracker crumbs + berries

  • Yogurt (plain or vanilla)

  • Chocolate pudding

  • Chocolate graham cracker crumbs + berries

  • a dollop of whipped cream + and a "berry on top" :)

I just love how this looks in a vintage-inspired sundae glass (available here for a deal) It would also look pretty snazzy in a martini glass, or in a champagne coupe for a smaller scale dessert. By the way, is this not the most gorgeous glassware ever? Oh, the curse of expensive taste! :)

Hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. What are your favorite raspberry desserts? I'd love to hear in the comments!

'Til next time,


P.S. If you're starting to daydream about fall and pumpkin season like I am, be sure to check out my Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Trifle.

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Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
06 ago 2019

Yummy! I do love a trifle and find trifle as my 'go-to' when asked to bring the dessert! Blueberries, lemon pound cake and white chocolate pudding is another good seasonal trifle... shared best with friends, shade and a lazy afternoon of conversation. And fresh whipped cream!

Me gusta
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