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Sunday Best: September 29

Yet another rainy day. This is really getting old, isn't it? To match the dark weather, I went with black and gray this week. Can't go wrong with some snazzy black pumps, tweed trousers, and a sleek turtleneck. In particular, I love the cut of the trousers that gives the effect mile-long legs.

Here are the outfit details for you...

Turtleneck - Peruvian Connection

Trousers - Shopko :(

Pumps - Nine West at DSW, soles spray-painted to look like Louboutins

Belt - Kohl's

On an unrelated note, the Poldark Season 5 Premiere is Tonite! Gaaaahhhh!!! (You can tell I'm excited, huh?)

Stay tuned for the annual Poldark Palooza details!

'Til next time,



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