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Sunday Best: September 22

Rainy day blue is the theme for this Sunday's outfit. I honestly had no idea what to wear this week but pulled together this look in the nick of time. A mix of high end and bargain pieces, all in a foolproof navy blue.

Here are the details for you...

T-shirt: Walmart

Tweed Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor

Denim flats: Payless (Lands' End carries a similar style

Pearl necklace: my personal collection (look at rummage sales or on Etsy for some lovely vintage pearls!)

Hair bow: I've had this since age 3, so I'm really not sure where it's from. A similar grosgrain bow barrette is available at Amazon though!

The updo was my proud moment with this outfit. I don't do high buns all that often (ponytail is my default) so it was nice to change it up. And the navy hair bow was a fun addition too. :)

'Til next time,



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