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Sunday Best: March 31

Happy weekend, all! I'm so excited to be starting up this new blog series called "Sunday Best." One of my favorite things about church, aside from the music and fellowship, is the opportunity to dress up a bit. So from here on out, I'll be sharing the outfits I put together each Sunday.

Because today was still cool and blustery yet, I chose a warm sweater (a cashmere blend, so it offers warmth without weight) to go with my dress. This Calvin Klein fit-and-flare was actually my college graduation dress, so I'm getting some more use out of it. :) To echo the the two illusion stripes in the hemline, I accessorized with two strands of pearls. By the by, pearls are a huge trend in accessories this spring. Lastly, a pair of lace-up floral flats to add a hint of color to this neutral outfit. Shop a similar style here.

See you tomorrow with the April desktop downloads!

'Til next time,



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