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Sunday Best: March 1

Happy Sunday, all! For the first Sunday of Lent, I went with a skirt and scarf of the appropriate liturgical color. I don't have all too much purple in my wardrobe (or at least not Sunday Best-worthy pieces) so this might be the extent of my liturgical dressing. :)

There's not too much to know about the outfit..

Scarf - borrowed from Mom. You could probably find a similar style by searching "vintage floral square scarf" on Etsy.

Sweater - Wish (about $8, if I remember right) This sweater has proven to be such a staple. Because of its neutral color, I've been able to wear it with at least 3-4 other Sunday Best outfits.

Skirt - rummage sale

My favorite part of today's look was the hairstyle. I dressed up my standard chignon with a few small flowers from my Valentine's bouquet. (Still looking fresh after 2 weeks.. talk about staying power!)

And to top it all off, the temperature outside is 45°F! Spring feels imminent!

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