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Sunday Best: July 7

Happy weekend, all! This Sunday's look is dressy casual, with a chambray shirt, wide-leg cropped pants, and some summery wedge sandals. Keep reading for outfit details, where to shop, and other helpful hints.

Seems that Lands' End only has a chambray tunic left, so here's a style closer to what I'm wearing, available at Target. A chambray shirt is an absolute must-have wardrobe staple! It can be styled in infinite ways, and can double as a denim jacket in a pinch.

I call these my "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman pants" because the wide-leg style reminds me so much of her riding pants from the series (usually seen on the more adventure-filled episodes, like the cattle drive) Anywho, this bold style makes me feel pretty indomitable, just like Dr. Mike here. :)

T.J. Maxx is often hit or miss, but what you will always find is a good deal. I found these sandals about two years ago and just love them, with their scalloped faux leather and gold-tone accents. The only problem is that the zipper up the back of the sandal gruesomely scrapes the skin off of my heel. Lesson learned the hard way - put on band-aids before slipping on the shoes. The band-aids will serve as a little shield of sorts between the abrasive materials and your skin. This trick saved my feet from a most certain demise with my graduation shoes, so now I use it all the time.

Fashionably yours,



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