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Sunday Best: July 28

A repeat dress today, accessorized a little differently. This was the Palm Sunday dress, and this time I wore it with a white cardigan and teal crystal earrings (crafted by moi). Also wore my hair in a chignon, instead of a big ponytail.

Since the outfit this week is rather unoriginal, here are some pretty pictures of flowers. Always a good thing, right? :)

Hosta blossoms and wildflowers from a recent bike ride

The potted pansies are doing really well this year, and so far, I have successfully kept them alive. Last season, I used about 3 pansy flowers to garnish cupcakes, and the plants swiftly proceeded to perish. I think I've figured out that the secret is part shade, not full sun exposure.

Lastly, a little garden decor project I put together this week. There was a sale at the greenhouse, so I picked up these gorgeous petunias for 50% off. I think they look smashing paired with inch plant's purple foliage. Plant mama happiness right there.

'Til next time,



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