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Sunday Best: January 5

Happy Monday, all! Here's a recap of yesterday's church outfit. I've been on rather a Kate Middleton kick, and so I present another "repli-Kate" style, if you will. :)

I combined two of her frequent looks - the blazer/jeans combo, and the polished, pop-of-color scarf. (I might also add that I am pretty darn excited to be wearing jeans again. Could we call it Jean-uary? hehe.)

This is what I came up with. And for the shopping details...

  • Blazer and jeans - Macy's

  • Scarf - Wish (Important note: the scarf is Classic Blue, which is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020!)

  • Black tee - Walmart

  • Belt - Kohl's

'Til next time,



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