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Sunday Best: January 26

Happy Sunday, all! This week's church outfit is a repeat look from back in fall. However, at the time I was posting for "30 Days Thankful" and "Sunday Best" was put on the back burner.

So here are the outfit details that I didn't share before! Not much to know really..

Pleated wool skirt - rummage sale find

Ribbed turtleneck - permanently borrowed from Mom. :) Sundance Catalog carries this same style in some brighter colors. Look for their "Legends Turtleneck."

Riding boots - Liz Claiborne from JCPenney

Hair bow - Had it since I was 3, no idea on the source.

Today's hairstyle (below) was my favorite part. The curls had deflated slightly by the time I took photos after church, but the general idea is still there. :)

Thank you for stopping by,


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Jan 27, 2020

That is a snazzy outfit! You look great in it! And, beautiful curls--I noticed sitting all the way across church. That skirt would have been right up my alley once upon a skinnier time!

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