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Sunday Best: Green Lace Dress

It was actually a beautiful Sunday for a change. Sunny and a bit of wind, but that's a marked improvement over the last few soggy weeks!

This week I debuted a new dress that was an absolute steal! Purchased from Wish for - I am not even kidding here - only $23. Now for those who have never ordered from Wish , I'll share that I was extremely skeptical at first. It's one of those too-good-to-be-true-sounding online retailers where the prices are so low, it doesn't even seem credible. My parents have been ordering items from Wish for nearly a year now, and I gave them a fair amount of good-natured teasing. However, after I saw that the products were actually pretty nice, I decided to give Wish a try.

Here are a couple tips for ordering:

  • Shipping can take up to 1 full month, so order ahead of time. If you need an outfit for a special event, place your order 1-2 months in advance.

  • Pay extra attention to the sizing. Depending on the seller, clothing may run quite small. Reference the size charts and the reviews, and make your best judgement from that information.

For fun, I thought I'd put together a compilation of some style icons (and myself) in green lace dresses. From left to right: Keira Knightley, Princess Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr. 'Til next time, Eva

P.S. Check out other celebrity inspired looks in my posts about the iconic wrap dress and the foolproof button-down shirt/pencil skirt combo.


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