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Sunday Best: February 2

This Sunday's Best was inspired by the fashion of Howards End. (The finale was yesterday.. another great PBS Masterpiece comes to a close. *sigh*) Aside from being a riveting story, the Victorian styles were just to die for. And all the pops of red were very aesthetically pleasing.

While I couldn't scrounge up a gorgeous embroidered pinafore like Helen Schlegel's, I could easily enough find a high-neck blouse and a red skirt. (Both from Etsy.)

Photo credit: Bustle

I just adore the covered buttons that run up the neckline of this blouse. It is a bit of a chore to fasten them all, but this pretty detail is worth the effort. :)

The weather was absolutely glorious this Sunday - sunshine, blue skies, and high of almost 50°F! With that glorious weather came a significant snow meltdown that prevented the wearing of satin shoes, so I decided on my trusty nude patent pumps. However, these red satin beauties are just too marvelous not to share. (Source: Jessica Simpson at DSW) So here they are, safe and sound inside. These were my college graduation shoes and are a treasured favorite in my wardrobe.

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