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Sunday Best: August 4

Happy Sunday, all! What a glorious sunny day after that terrible thunderstorm yesterday, complete with hail!! As I tried to rescue the herbs and flower pots from certain demise, Pruitt tried to catch the hail pebbles and eat them. Goofy mutt :)

This week's Sunday Best is a bit of a "style study" as well. My outfit is partly inspired by Audrey Hepburn and partly by Melania Trump. (Regardless of politics, we must admit the First Lady has serious style.)

Here I'm wearing a men's dress shirt (Merona from Target) tucked into a white floral skirt (rummage sale score). I borrowed Hepburn's idea for wrapping the dress shirt, so that it would fit more snugly.

The belt is Ralph Lauren from Macy's. This is where the Melania Trump style comes in. One of her most frequent looks is a belted dress or skirt suit. A belt really pulls a look together.. quite literally!

'Til next time,



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