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Sunday Best: August 11

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Happy Sunday, all! Kind of a professional career-wear look today. My favorite black sheath dress with a fetching robin's egg blue cardigan, nude pumps, and a pretty yet practical watch. The dress was on a terrific sale at Younker's a couple years ago. Yet another great store that sadly went out of business. Which by the way, Dressbarn is planning to close too.

How terrible, right? :(

Anyhow, back to the little black dress. It's Calvin Klein's Scuba Sheath dress, which I know sounds kinda strange. The fabric is heavy yet smooth, not unlike what a scuba suit is made out of (and I'm assuming that's how it got the name.) What's so marvelous about it is that the dress is impossible to wrinkle. A number of times, I have rolled it up and stuffed it in a bag or suitcase, and it emerges perfect as ever.

The cardigan was from a rummage sale. For some reason, it sat in the back of my closet for years, unworn. (We all have things like that I think.) This past spring, I pulled it out and had a style epiphany, realizing that the color was actually very flattering on me. Whatever took me so long? :)

Outfit detail

Have a great rest of your weekend and see you soon with a "berry" good cake recipe. Hehe.

'Til next time,



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