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Sunday Best: April 14

Happy weekend, all! Palm Sunday and Holy Week have finally arrived! This will be such a busy, music-saturated week, which has me both excited and nervous. Let's hope it all goes smoothly. *fingers crossed*

I'll be wearing some of my favorite dresses for this special week. A slight complication has developed - it is suddenly winter again. See my "Thursday Worst" at the end of this post! Despite the snow and cold, I am not about to compromise on my carefully thought out fashion plans, so the dresses will be worn! Services are inside, after all. (I'll bring an emergency cardigan too... and likely wear shorts under my skirt. Haha)

This dress was a fabulous bargain from Dress Barn. Much like the jumpsuit, I waited it out for a number of months until an unbeatable sale came up. No kidding, it ended up being $14. There's so much that I like about it.. the Audrey Hepburn-esque style, the teal color, and a bold floral. Because florals for spring, of course.

Shop a similar style here.

I kept the accessories pretty neutral so as not to compete with the print. The pearl drop earrings I made a few years ago for a Christmas concert. And nude pumps are the answer to everything. :)

Can't wait to share the Easter Sunday Best! Until then, I'll be posting a very special "Easter Feast." Stay tuned...

'Til next time,


Thursday Worst :(


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