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Spring Trend Speculations: Accessories

As promised, here is the second installment of my "Spring Trend Speculations," which focuses on which accessories are going to be in this season. :) If you didn't catch the first post about the on-trend colors, you can read it here!


As I mentioned in my Sunday Best post, pearls are a big deal this spring. I think they are such a perfect spring accessory. Pearls, florals... they all go so well together, don't they?Shop at Macy's for a plethora of style choices.

Beachy and Macramé

This trend is going to be great for summer. In short, it means anything you might wear to the beach - floppy straw hat, seashell accents, macramé tote bag. Any such details would qualify in this category. :)

Scarf Print

At fashion week, there were plenty of designs that featured scarf prints. Not just your traditional around-the-neck scarf, but as entire ensembles of ornate pattern. A bit much, in my opinion, especially if this trend doesn't stick around. As always, it's easier to scale down high fashion trends into accessories. Small accents are more practical to wear out-and-about and less commitment than buying say, a $1.9k Burberry scarf print silk dress. HA! (No really, who even comes up with these prices?!) So this season, I'm pulling out my favorite vintage scarves. Don't they look so classy tied on a structured bag?

Shop a similar style here.

Baker Boy Hat

This isn't an overwhelmingly popular one, but I saw it pop up a few places while researching for this post. I found my black hat in the deep recesses of my closet and just had to feature it. :) It reminds me so much of The Devil Wears Prada, when Andy learns how to dress more fashionably. It's been a pretty common "off-duty model" choice too, donned by Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, etc. Try a baker boy hat in white for the spring and summer months.

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