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Spring Cleaning

This weekend I tackled the corner built-in in our dining room. Since I was in elementary school, this cabinet has served as a makeshift art gallery for all my abstract creations. (I was never the most gifted art student, I'll admit.) Anyhow, my mom and I recently decided to makeover the china hutch as an actual china hutch, and carefully pack away my "art." Now instead of grimacing at the crude works of my grade-school years, I can smile contentedly at a beautiful vignette of dinnerware and other fragile mementos.

I gave the it a thorough dusting out (I still marvel at how dust can accumulate in a closed cabinet. I dunno, it just seems like it should only build up on exposed surfaces.) After dusting, I gathered together all the dinnerware, tea cups, candlesticks, glassware, and decorative items that I wanted to include. I decided on a green and pink color scheme because a.) spring colors, b.) they complement each other so well, and c.) a lot of the dinnerware I have is pink and green. Hehe. Sticking to a certain color palette made it easier to harmonize the variety of pieces, from modern wine glasses to the more traditional patterned tea cups.

One of my favorite features of this display is the ombre effect of glassware in the bottom shelf.

I added a couple whimsical, Easter-y accents too, since Easter is coming up in less than a month! Yay, so exciting!

What spring cleaning projects have you been working on? I would love to hear in the comments!

'Til next time,


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Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
Mar 26, 2019

Oh the hutch in the corner looks so sweet and gentile, makes me think that "Poor Charlotte" could stop by for a spot of tea: "A Room with a View" - easy to slip right into the photos.

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