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Snow Day Style

Sunday was quite the snowstorm, wasn't it? I try to dress a bit more on the practical side when I'm going to be driving in snow (in case of the chance event that one's car might end up in the ditch, boots are a wiser choice than stilettos.) The drive from church went just fine though. Slow, but uneventful. All in all, we got about 10" of downy snow, and it made for some great photos.

So, as I mentioned, a pretty but practical outfit for this Sunday's best. A warm sweater, semi-dressy black jeans, and boots. And a bold red lip to keep it from being boring. Kick it up a notch, as ever. ;)

Here are the outfit details for you...

Cable turtleneck sweater - Lands End' (Unfortunately, this item is running low by this time of the season. Shop a larger selection at L.L. Bean.)

Black jeans - Shopko :(

Black suede boots - Impo at DSW. Similar here.

Bow and lace accent gloves - Victorian Trading Co.

Black peacoat - Rummage sale. Similar can be found at Lands End, Macy's or L.L. Bean, at various price points. It's not hard to track down a classic peacoat.

I had a Little Women moment when it came to staging this outfit. Much to my disappointment, I discovered a hole in one of my gloves, so I did as the March sisters... Wear one glove, carry the other. "And all pronounced the effect 'quite easy and fine.'" :)

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