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Snow Day Bakes

A few Heartland Lady-approved recipes to warm up the house on a snowy day like this one...

Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps

This Martha Stewart recipe is a bit on the tedious side (as can be expected from Martha Stewart!) but definitely worth it. I just adore the look of a crinkle cookie. These ones are SO rich, as they use cocoa powder and melted choclate to make the dough. Snowy, sugar-coated cookies just seemed to make sense today.

Cinnamon Pecan Rolls

I made these sometime after Christmas on a particularly cold afternoon. Being so cold, the dough just would not rise, even after waiting around an extra hour. (Or perhaps I killed the yeast when mixing in the melted butter.. beats me.) I didn't like the idea of starting from zero again, so I improvised using the dough I had already made. I created a spoonful of yeast "paste" with just a smidgen of water. I kneaded this into the dough and behold, it was risen! As you can see (photo below), they did turn out quite marvelously.

I try to avoid taking pictures with anything but natural light, but I think the kitchen overhead light helped bring out the shine on the caramel. ;)

Either of these baked goodies would be a real special treat after shoveling snow!

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1 Comment

Michelle Bender
Michelle Bender
Feb 22, 2021

My absolute favorite chocolate crinkle cookie is this hazelnut one from Epicurious:

I make them every year for Christmas.

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