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Reflecting on the Great Rhubarb Challenge

At long last, here is the final installment of the Great Rhubarb Challenge! *wipes brow* It sure will be nice to bake with something different for a change. :) However, I'm glad I stuck to this self-imposed challenge of baking exclusively with rhubarb. It was a real exercise in creativity and got me to break out of my typical quick bread/crumble/pie mindset when it comes to this tart, stalk-y vegetable (that's right, it's a vegetable. Weird, huh?)

These are the last couple bakes I tried out...

Rhubarb Dream Bars

You know me, I can't leave well enough alone, so I revamped this recipe to include cherry pie filling. The rhubarb I was using was a particularly green batch, so I needed something red to make this look a bit more appealing. Helpful hint - allow the bars to cool before you attempt to cut them. I tend to be too eager in removing a fresh bake from its pan, and I tried cutting these while they were warm yet. That was rather a fiasco, which had me cursing the very existence of these wretched "nightmare bars." Haha! Long story short, let the bars cool. Everything will be ok.

Doodle Cake

I first saw this on the Harry Connick Jr. Show. Harry's wife, Jill, was on for a cooking segment and made this simple sheet cake with a decadent coconut-pecan frosting. The original is actually a pineapple cake, but it occurred to me that canned rhubarb has a similar texture to pineapple... And so the recipe revamping began. ;)

Well, that marks a full two months of rhubarb baking, which began with my traditional rhubarb pie for Memorial Weekend (pictured below). Better than I thought I might do! Now we're moving into raspberry and blackberry season, so I'll get to use some other flavors!

Before I sign off, here are links back to all the other rhubarb posts, including some that weren't in the recent Challenge. There are more uses for it than you might think!

Happy baking!

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Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
28 lip 2020

Yum... Doodle Cake sounds like a very easy dish (but with wide eyed appreciation at serving time). Do you let the Doodle Cake cool before serving, the recipe I 'linked' over to leaves me wondering. Many thanks.

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