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Poldark Palooza

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

To celebrate the long-awaited Season 4 Premiere of Poldark, I planned an extravagant Poldark Palooza! A special evening of Cornish fare, story-inspired décor and of course, the premiere itself! Any fellow Poldark fans out there can surely sympathize with my obsession :) Even more exciting is that the series has been renewed for a fifth (final) season. We've got yet another year of captivating Cornwall drama to look forward to!

The Table and Menu

I chose a copper-hued tablecloth to represent the copper mines that are so central to the Poldark story. The feathers were inspired by a Season 1 episode where Jim, one of Ross' loyal workers, was sentenced for poaching pheasants. The red accents across the table are definitely Demelza-inspired, from her simple Christmas dress in the first season to the Antoinette-style red brocade she wore on her scandalous evening out in Season 2.

The menu features a variety of traditional Cornish fare. I was most excited about the Figgy 'Obbin dessert. (Isn't the name just so fun?) I put a little twist on it by including a pinch of cardamom and using a mix of raisins and sultanas, or golden raisins.

Figgy 'Obbin

The show

A great episode, as always! It hardly skipped a beat from Season 3, as Ross and Demelza patch up their marriage, Morwenna and Drake remain star-crossed, and the political drama continues (no thanks to George Warleggan). The cinematography and film location is great as ever. I remember a particular sunset/sunrise sequence that was just breathtaking. To catch up on last night's episode, click here. Each week, Masterpiece shares this fun GIF recap of the best Poldark moments. Enjoy!

Side note: The Durrells in Corfu is pretty good too. There have been some truly hilarious moments in this show. I wish that PBS would air this series apart from Poldark so that we may enjoy Masterpiece for a longer period of time, rather than all the best shows at once, followed by a dry spell. But what can you do? :)

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