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On My Nightstand: Christmas Edition

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

When I wrote up the post, On My Nightstand, in September, I promised I would share my nightstand Christmas tree. Partly inspired by Tiffany & Co., I decorated this miniature tree with my favorite statement earrings. When you think about it, earrings are an awful lot like ornaments. :) What prompted the Tiffany theme was the very special Christmas gift I received from my parents last year. My mom and dad crafted a small silver bird's nest (shown nestled in the lower branches) to look just like the one sold in Tiffany's Everyday Objects collection. Dad spent hours crafting the nest, carefully bending welding wire into an intricate weave. Mom picked out the perfect shade of blue paint, painted the eggs, and tied the bow on the iconic blue box. Isn't it the most darling decoration? And so meaningful, knowing the time and thought that went into making it.

This little white Christmas tree is probably one of my favorite Walmart purchases ever. If I remember right, it was on sale for $8... prelit, mind you! Aside from its role as a jewelry display this year, it's had a few other looks. In 2016, it was a monogrammed ombre theme. Last year, it resided in our home office, whimsically decorated with candy canes. (The candy canes slowly disappeared as I was working on homework, hehe.)


Speaking of trees, there are a couple more to share. The official Christmas tree in the living room isn't up yet, but meanwhile, I've kept my decor-frenzied mind busy with the smaller trees. We've got a teeny one in the kitchen, decked out in the foolproof color combo of blue and white.

In the upstairs hallway, we have a tall, but slender fir that I decorated in a glamorous wintry theme. White ostrich feathers and poinsettias as the topper, draping strands of iridescent beads, silver and pearly sprays - all accented with large, jeweled snowflakes. A very opulent look, I must say. :)

And stay tuned for the living room Christmas tree, which will be the most extravagant tree yet! The plan is to pile on every single shiny ball ornament we have - well over one hundred if my estimation is correct. I'm so excited for this one!

'Til next time,



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