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Of Pine Boughs and Pecans

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hello friends! In this post, I'd like to share a few things that have brought me some comfort and joy in these weeks leading up to Christmas. Because 2020 is a less than ideal year (to put it nicely!), it has prompted some creativity and inventiveness. Each weekend, I delve into a project, whether decor or culinary, with the sole purpose of conjuring up warm fuzzy, Christmasy feelings. Heaven knows we need them this year!

Here are my most successful projects of late...

Evergreens Everywhere

Some of our arbor vitae and mugo pine shrubs were in need of a trim, so we "brought the outside in," using the greenery in wreaths, swags, and garlands all through the house. The fresh pine scent is just glorious!

An antique ladder trimmed out with arbor vitae, cranberry garland, dried orange slices and cinnamon bundles.

I just love the look of a swag or wreath hung in front of a mirror. So posh! Green floral wire has become my best friend for affixing branches together.

My favorite of all the evergreen arrangements is the advent wreath. This was inspired by the cover of a floral catalog we received in the mail. I adore the pops of red from the flowers and berries. There's just something about that traditional color pairing of red and green...

Candied Pecan Perfection

Candy making is a very Christmasy endeavour, isn't it? It's the only time of year I feel at all inclined to get out a candy thermometer. The rest of the year I favor less intensive desserts that don't need their temperature taken. But then, Christmas is always worth the extra effort!

This was my first try at candied nuts, so I either had beginner's luck going for me or this is one foolproof recipe. These pecans baking in the oven made the house smell heavenly. Also, be warned that once they are out of the oven, it is physically impossible to stop eating them. ;)

What Christmas projects have you been working on lately? What has brought you comfort and joy?

Thank you for stopping by,


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1 commento

Love the old ladder! I have 2 such ladders just itching to 'become' something. Since I live in the Reforestation Camp, pine is never in shortage - perhaps I will go on a collecting walk this afternoon ;)

Mi piace
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