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November Desktop Downloads

I had a bit of a dilemma in designing this month's desktop backgrounds. This year, the leaves didn't stay on the trees near as long due to some wind and rainy weather. The brilliant maple photograph featured here was actually taken last November, while I was still at St. Norbert College. It makes me a little sad to look at the glorious-ness of last year's foliage, when northern Wisconsin looks more like the frosty picture you see below. However, I realize that some of my readers in other states may still appreciate the full-blown colors of fall.

So... my point is that I'm offering two different designs this month! Those who continue to enjoy the bright, blazing autumn leaves can download this desktop calendar.

- and -

Those who are ready for the transition to winter and love a holiday-inspired quote, download your background here.

I'd also like to announce the beginning of a #30DaysThankful challenge. On Instagram and on the blog here, I will share posts of what I'm thankful for, however big or small. I'm hoping that this daily practice of gratitude will change my pessimistic ways, or at least balance them out. Please join me this month in perpetual thanksgiving!

Day 1: I am thankful for autumn leaves. Though it was a shorter season, watching the shifting colors brought some peaceful moments to otherwise busy days. Even fallen leaves coated in frost can bring stillness to the day, if we pause to observe their simple beauty.

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