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May Day

Happy May Day, all! This first of May has evolved as a holiday over hundreds of years, originating as a pagan festival. Known as Beltane to the Celts and Floralia to the Romans, this early May celebration focuses on the change of season. Lighter days ahead and flowers a-blooming! I'd say there's cause to celebrate. :)

May Basket Day became a thing in the 18th and 19th centuries, when people would hang flower and treat-filled posies on the doors of friends and family.

Unfortunately, May Day doesn't get much recognition anymore. It's an official holiday in many countries, though not in the U.S. I kind of think we should bring it back, don't you?

I was inspired to craft a flower posy yesterday, when I realized I could probably do so with items I had sitting out on my desk. And so, using post-its, a sheet of paper, paperclips, scotch tape and a few strategically placed staples, I put this cheerful little decoration together. It really brightened the gray afternoon. It almost seems like all of the April showers have been concentrated to the last couple days of the month. Sigh.

Once we get some real flowers, I would love to make a "fancier" posy, using old sheet music, a paper lace doily, and ribbons. Plotting and planning as ever, hehe.

Read more about the history of May Day at Reader's Digest or at the History Channel website.

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