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Heartland Lady How-To: Smoky Eyes

Whenever I have a bad breakout that no amount of concealer will cover (or at least not to my satisfaction), I decide to instead play up my best feature, my big brown eyes with their long lashes.

A smoky eye is so easy and always makes me feel a bit better about myself. Utilizing the art of distraction here. ;)

A great thing about the smoky eye is that it's build-able. There's a few different levels of "smokiness," from natural/everyday, to the standard smoky eye, to a super smoky special occasion look. All depends on the shadow and liner application. It's also very forgiving... no severe, exacting lines such as we use for a cat-eye. I spent one too many evenings applying waterproof liquid liner for a high school musical, and I'm never going back! Haha!

Even though we don't have too much cause to get dolled up right now, it's the perfect opportunity to practice a new makeup technique! So grab your eye shadow, and let's get started...

How To

  • Using your index finger, apply light shimmer shadow across entire eyelid

  • With your middle finger, apply a medium shade from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner.

  • Here's the exciting step, where we start to see the smoky dimension... Using your ring finger, apply a dark matte shadow to the outer corner of your eyelid. Hopefully, its easy to see that we're working with the "rule of thirds," creating a subtle gradient from light to dark across the eyelid.

  • Now you could stop here and just add mascara. This makes a perfectly natural, "no-makeup" look for busier days.

Standard Smoky Eye

  • To achieve the standard smoky eye look, you'll want to add liner. Tap some black eye shadow onto an angled eyeliner brush (or use a black pencil liner) and draw a line all the way across your top lid. Line the bottom lid from about the middle to the outer corner. If any specks of black shadow fall, you can use a Q-tip with a teensy bit of soap for touch-ups. This is where I really love using a brush, because it makes a soft, hazy line to begin with. If using a pencil, we'll have to do a bit of smudging. The edge of your pinkie finger or a Q-tip could work for this purpose.

  • Apply a generous coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Special Occasion Super Smoky Eye

I only use this look when I'm going to be on stage for a concert because it's rather high impact. The tight-lining method really makes the whites of your eyes pop. NB: Keep the lip color subtle if you do a super smoky eye. Heavy eye makeup plus bold lip color is not necessarily a flattering look. As Chanel said, "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."

  • Finish lining the inner corners of your eyes, and add liner to the waterline of the bottom lid. (Never, ever use liquid liner here! Not a good idea.)

And voilà! There you have the three variations of the classic smoky eye.

Before I sign off, here's a list of my favorite beauty products (all under $10!) , including the eye shadow palettes I use most.

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