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Haute Holidays

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Apologies for the later-than-usual blog post. The holiday season is such a whirlwind, especially for musicians like moi. So many concerts, parties, and other events to get ready for! And of course, we all must consider, what are we going to wear?

In this post, I'm presenting an assortment of fall trends and spring trends, since the holiday season lands smack dab between the two. As always, I encourage you to shop your own closet before blowing your budget at the mall. Most of the outfits I present here use pieces I already have. You never know what you might find in the deep recesses of of your closet. :)

Top Trends


As I had mentioned in my Fall Trend Forecast, checks are a big deal right now. Red stewart, black watch, stewart victoria, buffalo check, houndstooth - any of these are a classic choice for the holidays.

I love this half ritzy, half rustic look at left. Combining a plaid shirt and jeans with glamorous accessories would be a fun (and comfortable!) look for Christmas Day, when you don't want to ruin your cocktail dress working in the kitchen.

Straight-leg jeans - Tommy Hilfiger

Crystal earrings - Poppy Avenue Boutique

or similar at Bauble Bar

Silver Sandals - Fioni at Payless

Pick a plaid, any plaid!


Now here's what I mean about scrounging the deep recesses of your closet. These shimmery pants were discovered at the very, very back. I believe I had gotten them at GW Boutique (a.k.a. Goodwill) a few years ago.

There's no better time to wear shimmer and shine than New Year's. You can go subtle or all out (I'm thinking sequined dresses like these at Macy's).


I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable. ~ George Costanza, Seinfeld

I am SO glad that velvet has been on trend for the past few winters, so I can continue wearing my favorite velvet dresses and tops. I definitely share George's opinion.. velvet is such a luxurious fabric, making it perfect for fancy holiday occasions.

This Calvin Klein dress from Dillard's was available for a steal last year. Check often for sales! 40-50% off can be pretty common this time of year, so keep your ear to the ground and sign up for email notifications.


This isn't a widespread one, but it did make the trend list at Neiman Marcus. I think it's an obvious choice for the Christmas. A bold emerald green is attention-grabbing, yet not as aggressive as red. Another important note is that this jewel tone will flatter any complexion. We don't have to worry, "Am I warm or cool? What color are my veins? What does this even mean?? " So no need to fret, emerald is universally flattering. :)

Embellished pumps - similar from Nine West


Sneak peak of spring 2019 trends...

Neutral and Utility

I put these under the same title because utility style clothing is often in neutral colors. Khaki, olive, and especially beige, were popular shades on the Spring 2019 runways. These muted tones always look polished.

When shopping for utility-inspired pieces, look for pockets and snaps, as seen on this timeless jacket from L.L. Bean.

Sweater - Wish

Cropped pants - Ann Taylor

Nude pumps - similar from Target

Dolled Up

Bows, ruffles, pleats, poet sleeves. Anything with a frilly, feminine detail belongs in this category. This would be a good trend to pull out for Valentine's Day, or if you want to sing "I feel pretty, oh so pretty" like a certain character from West Side Story. Nothing will make you feel more girly than some ruffles and bows.

Pictured at right are my graduation shoes. If I can summon the courage to wear these 4" stilettos again, they would be perfect for Christmas. As far as I know, they are still available at DSW in a lovely shade of pink.

Hope this gives you some ideas for the fast-approaching holidays! Stay classy!

'Til next time,



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