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Hanging Basket Arrangements for Less

My latest project has been to create a pair of basket arrangements to hang on both sides of our front door. Mom requested ferns and a "southern porch" inspired look. This got me to thinking about the ornate, two-level porches you see in the Garden District of New Orleans. (For the record, I've unfortunately never been there. How is it that I've been to 21 states, and not Louisiana? Well, it's on the bucket list.) To get some more ideas, I went perusing my favorite home catalogs, specifically the outdoor decor pages. Here is the arrangement that I liked the most.

The Inspiration

Hanging Succulent Arrangement from Grandin Road

Price tag: $129.00 each

To purchase two arrangements, plus shipping and taxes, would come out to approximately $280. Yikes! Even if you use a promo code, you're still looking at a significant amount. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to unhand that kind of money for a couple baskets of faux plants, however pretty they may be.

I must admit, I suffer from expensive taste. It's certainly a weakness, but oftentimes my resourcefulness and DIY proficiency have saved me... and my pocketbook! Here's what I was able to put together as an alternative to the Grandin Road arrangement.

The Compromise

DIY Succulent Arrangement

Price tag: approximately $58 for two arrangements

A savings of over $220... can't make this stuff up! In case you still don't believe me, I'll provide a brief cost breakdown. The hanging baskets were purchased from Do it Best Hardware for $16, and most of the greenery was found on sale at Hobby Lobby. The succulents were regular price, but I applied a coupon to one of them. All in all, the greenery came to a total of $42.

So if you would wish to replicate this project, I've outlined the materials and process. Have fun and feel free to make modifications!

What You'll Need

  • Two 14" hanging baskets with coco liners

  • Two 13" faux ferns

  • One hanging ivy bush

  • Five to six succulents

  • One stem white ranunculus

  • Some potting soil and/or dirt from the backyard

How To

  1. Fill baskets with soil, leaving 1 to 2 inches at the top.

  2. "Plant" the ferns in the middle of each basket, firmly pressing the soil around the stem to secure it.

  3. The one hanging ivy bush can be cut into 4 or 5 separate tendrils. Don't be afraid to hack up your greenery! You get so much more out of them this way. Just use a heavy duty scissors or clippers, and be careful of your fingers. Arrange the tendrils around the perimeter (2 or 3 per basket) in a somewhat evenly spaced, yet careless looking fashion. Remember, it's supposed to look like a real, naturally growing plant.

  4. Securely plant the succulents around the fern, ensuring that they're close enough to the edge to be visible from a distance.

  5. Cut the ranunculus, or floral stem of choice, into several smaller stems. Use these to fill in whatever spaces remain.

  6. Fluff and futz with the arrangements until you're happy with their overall appearance. Sometimes you can manipulate the wire stems to achieve better direction and shape.

And voila! You have two very lovely hanging baskets for a much lower price.

'Til next time,



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