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Gingham: The Pattern of Summer

Happy Sunday, all! More hot, humid weather this weekend, so more breezy cottons to keep from perspiring like a swine. Haha! Here's the look I put together...

This new gingham button-down is from Steinmart (they carry some of the same brands as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, but at fantastic prices! Luxe for less!) It's actually a small size men's shirt, which makes it a bit blousy on me, but also more "breathable." Also, isn't this red gingham the most perfect summer print? It makes me think of picnics and cafe tables. :) I think if summer had to be defined by a pattern, it would be gingham. Floral for spring, plaid for winter.. What do you think would be best for fall? Hmmm... Paisley? I'm really not sure. Might have to ponder on that one!

Stay cool!

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