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February Desktop Downloads

Well friends, February is upon us. Time for a new desktop download! Even though I'm not particularly fond of Valentine's Day, I decided to play along with the theme. Roses, pink, and romantic script - doesn't get much more Valentine-y than that. ;) This macro shot is one of our garden roses. I snapped this photo several years ago, using my very first "good camera," a little pink Nikon. This picture continues to be a favorite of mine, and has a permanent place in my screensaver slideshow.

So, as always, I've designed a nifty desktop calendar, available here.

- or -

If you'd prefer a lovely quote, you can download this desktop background.

The quote is a line from "A Red, Red Rose," an old Scottish poem by Robert Burns. It also happens to be a song, which I sang back in college choir. Beautiful words and a beautiful melody. (Listen to our choir here!) For the full poem and some other interesting info, visit the Scottish Poetry Library.

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