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Fall Trend Forecast

Well, I can't suppress my excitement for fall any longer! The summer heat and humidity can be done. I'm ready for sweater weather, autumn leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes. So, that begs the question, how to dress for this fall?

The trend reports from fashion week tend to be a little overwhelming. They list so many concepts, designers, and colors, it can be difficult to take it all in. To interpret this plethora of information, what I do is cross reference the trend lists at the top fashion magazines and department stores (Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, etc.) Then I make note of about 3 trends that seem to be repeated most. I've taken care to rule out the impractical and downright goofy ones, like plastics. Because let's face it, sometimes high fashion is too abstract to pull off in everyday life.

Top trends

1. Checks

If you were to choose only one trend to follow for Fall/Winter 2018, this would be it. Traditional or colorful, large plaids or smaller houndstooth - all of these were seen on the runways. Especially in the form of menswear-inspired/power dressing, checks are featured by every fashion magazine and major clothing retailer.

- Where to shop: Mod Cloth

I snagged this lovely houndstooth dress from Dressbarn (belt is my own). I love the classic silhouette and how versatile it can be. In winter, I plan to wear it with a black sweater, tights, and dress boots. Click the image to shop.

2. Animal Instincts

Is it just me or has animal print been on trend for a while now? Not that I mind, as it means I can still wear my favorite leopard print pieces. Anyway, this is a fun pattern to incorporate as an accent (i.e. shoes) or as a statement, such as a blouse. Furs can also be included in the "animal" category. I tend to wait until there's some snow on the ground before wearing any fur, and even then, I keep it to smaller pieces, like leg warmers or a scarf.

- Where to shop: Ann Taylor, Fabulous Furs

This coat is an antique shop find, but a similar style is available at Ann Taylor.

3. Heartland

As you might guess, I'm thrilled about this one! There's a lot that can fall under this label... think patchwork, prairie florals, hand knit sweaters, denim, shearling, and cowboy boots. Anything that you might wear to a rodeo or a barn dance I believe would be appropriate. :)

- Where to shop: Sundance

Smocked, prairie floral blouse from American Eagle.

Lastly, I had a look at Pantone's colors for Fall 2018. The following are what I think to be the most important hues.

Fall colors

1. Burgundies and Reds

These colors keep coming back, but it's not surprising. They are very fitting for fall. Cranberries, red maple... it just makes sense.

- Where to shop: Boden

At left is a burgundy infinity scarf that I knitted last year. Big scarves are so nice to burrow your face into when it's below freezing outside!

2. Peacock Blues

There are a few different blues on the fall color palette, from eye-catching cobalt, to teal, to a neutral navy. All of these could be seen in peacock plumage, so I think "Peacock" makes a fitting umbrella term to describe the blues of this season.

- Where to shop: Land's End

Always remember, you don't have to go out and buy a new wardrobe whenever the new trends and colors are announced. For instance here, I'm wearing my favorite denim jacket (navy) and a pair of abalone earrings I've had forever (teal). Bases covered! Take a look at what you have in your closet. You may be surprised how many "trending" items you already own.

3. Purples

I'll be honest, I don't know quite what to make of "Ultra Violet," the proclaimed Pantone color of the year. And alas, it's one color I don't have in my wardrobe. If I were to choose something in this hue, it would likely be this cozy-looking, oversized sweater from Zara. Ultra Violet is certainly an attention grabber, but perhaps if paired with a light gray or camel shade, it could be brought under control. Luckily, for us shrinking violets, there's a more approachable alternative called "Crocus Petal," which is a calmer lavender color.

- Where to shop: Talbots

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