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Evening in Roma

Since travel isn't exactly the most encouraged activity right now, it's a good time to be creative and bring the experience to your own home. (Kind of what I did in this bed & breakfast post.) The other week, we brought Italy to our own backyard with a delightful spread of fruit, wine, cheese and crackers. I'd like to call it an "Evening in Roma... at Home-a." Hahahaha! Sorry, that was too cheesy to resist. Ok, I'll stop now. ;)

Admittedly, the refreshments weren't Italian through and through. The wine was actually a Chilean pinot noir and the cheeses were shamelessly English and American - colby, cheddar, pepper jack. (At $8/pound, my much-loved asiago has to be an occasional indulgence.) What we lacked in authentic Italian food however, we more than made up for with atmosphere. Our impressive grape arbor makes it feel like Tuscany, and some Dean Martin played softly in the background rounds out the Italian experience. Have a listen to my favorite Dino song here.

Come è bella c'è la luna brilla e strette Strette come è tutta bella a passeggiare Sotto il cielo di Roma

Don't know what the country's coming to But in Rome do as the Romans do Will you? On an evening in Roma...

If you wanted it to be more authentic, you could serve chianti (a dry red) and bruschetta. Or assemble a little anitpasti (appetizer) board with cheeses, olives, prosciutto, and the like. Whatever floats your gondola!

The tiered copper tray was a deal at Hobby Lobby. Their inventory is constantly changing, but the prices are much more realistic than say, Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs.

Before I sign off, I'd like to share a lovely Italian expression that goes, tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino. The sentiment behind it is "not to worry, everything will be fine," while the literal translation means "it all ends with biscuits and wine." Reminds me of our saying, "that's the way the cookie crumbles," but Italian always sounds more romantic, doesn't it?

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This is a great date night idea! Beautiful Italian spread and the bistro lighting is spot on. Brava!


Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
Jul 30, 2020

Whatever floats your gondola... I'm still chuckling, that is hilarious!

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