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Elevating the Humble Cookie

Yesterday was National Cookie Day evidently, so that sparked an idea for a blog post. While I'm not going to exhaust myself this year with another 12 Cookies of Christmas, I still do enjoy making a batch of biscuits now and again.

So here are a couple of perfectly simple cookies that look nice enough for any holiday cookie platter, but won't make your brain implode from any overly-complicated techniques.

Christmas Tree Chocolate Chip Bars

When I think holiday cookies, chocolate chip never seems quite remarkable enough. More of an everyday cookie, if you will. My goal here was to elevate the basic chocolate chip, making it more Christmas-worthy.

The only chocolate chip recipe I've ever used is the one off the back of the Blue Bonnet margarine box. I swap out some of the margarine for butter, of course, but the recipe itself it's wonderfully easy. You don't have to use the elusive softened butter (this is my biggest pet peeve when I have an ice cold stick of butter, and I want to bake NOW. ) Rather, the recipe calls for melted and cooled butter/margarine, so we can just nuke it in the microwave, pop it in the fridge, and use it. Easy peasy. None of this softened nonsense.

Once I had the dough ready, I spread it into a greased 9x13 pan. A glass baking dish or rimmed cookie sheet would work fine. Bake as instructed and let cool. Then, cut into triangles. I got about 18 good ones, with some "discards" around the edges. Spatial reasoning isn't exactly my strong suit. ;)

To decorate the cookies, melt some chocolate chips and drizzle across the bars. Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle on a few metallic sugar pearls (these are the ornaments on our little trees.) I think this simple decoration makes the average chocolate chip bar look so elegant. Proof that it's always about the presentation!

Molasses Crinkles

Another unassuming little cookie that's packed with warm, spicy, Christmas-y flavor. I just love the subtle shimmer of a cookie that's been rolled in sugar. And there's something so endearing about a crinkle cookie, isn't there? :) These molasses biscuits are just smashing with a cup of coffee.. you've been warned! Here's the recipe for you.

Happy Baking!

'Til next time,



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Dec 07, 2019

Those chocolate chip cookie trees are genius! My husband thinks any cookie without a chocolate chip in it is a total waste of time. What a way to make a quick treat and points at the same time! BTW, those molasses crinkles are one of just about everyone else in the family's favored treat, though never is a c chip cookie is never turned down!


Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
Dec 05, 2019

Although a known 'horrible cookie maker', I am a good cookie eater! And I can make caramel corn in a paper bag in the microwave in under 25 minutes that you would swear I spent hours on. Ahhhhh, it's such a delightfully elastic waist band time of year. As always, thank you for a bright spot of civility in the day :)

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