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Dressember: Volume V

Happy New Year, all! Here's the final installment of Dressember looks, perhaps my favorite because it has all the important holiday outfits. I've been planning some of these for months now! No, I am not obsessed with special occasion attire.. ok, maybe a little bit. ;)

December 24th (Christmas Eve)

A Kate-inspired look for church today. The plaid coat dress I've have had just about forever (you guessed it - rummage sale!) My fur hat is really just my fur collar, refashioned with some pins. Just goes to show that with a dash of ingenuity, you can get a luxe look for a lot less!

December 25th (Christmas Day)

Velvet seems like a good choice for Christmas, and burgundy velvet is even better! The bell sleeves on this dress are pretty showy, so I kept the rest of the look simple. An updo with a few gold and pearl pins, and a gold bangle bracelet to tie it together.

December 26th

It's always a bit sad when Christmas is over, so I decided to prolong the festive feeling with some green. :)

December 27th

Rocking some heel socks with my classic plaid dress today. I've been wearing tights and leggings pretty much the whole month, so these cute socks were a fun change of pace.

December 28th

It was a cookies and corduroy sort of day. ;)

December 29th

Another Kate-inspired look for this Sunday Best. The houndstooth blazer I've had since middle school (it was a mite big on me then, and it's a mite snug now, but it fits!) Over the course of Dressember, I've learned that black dresses are my best friend. They go with everything. Black has long been my favorite color, but it is irrevocable now. :)

December 30th

Matching the dingy weather today with some navy and gray.

December 31st (New Year's Eve)

My NYE outfit is called "Homebody, but make it fashion ." Believe it or not, I do tire of stilettos on occasion, so these snazzy slippers made a nice evening-at-home alternative.

About Dressember

Dressember is a movement to bring awareness to human trafficking. Since it began in 2013, the organization has raised millions of dollars - funds which go to aid victims of modern slavery. Interested in learning more? Visit the Dressember website here!

Although the daily dress challenge has come to a close, there is still opportunity to help out. January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so the Dressember organization continues to accept contributions during this time. If you would like to make a donation to this important cause, I've set up an advocate's page for the Heartland Lady blog.

Thank you for following along as I participated in Dressember this year!

'Til next time,



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