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Dressember: Vol. IV

December 16th

Today's look is called "Black Watch, Wristwatch." ;) My trusty wrap dress looked quite winter-appropriate paired with this plaid blanket scarf.

December 17th

This is a repeat look of a Sunday Best in fall. I grabbed a poinsettia for a more festive photo. Hehe.

December 18th

With a predicted high of 12 degrees today, I went for warmth over style. That meant digging out my biggest, coziest chenille sweater, fleece-lined tights and wool socks. Svelte? No. Warm? Definitely.

December 19th

Another cold day, another big sweater. I tried to keep the look more cheerful with some "florals for winter" (A tad more groundbreaking than florals for spring. Devil Wears Prada fans will know what I mean.)

December 20th

Pearls, poinsettias and pastels... who wore it better? :) To celebrate the tree being decorated, I just had to put together a matching outfit.

December 21st

A relaxed, at-home look today. The 90s-style embroidered slip dress was a rummage sale find about 7 years ago (It was actually my junior year homecoming dress!) Kept it cozy with my cashmere cardigan.

December 22nd

A very Christmas-y Sunday Best. :) While I'm not excited about the lack of snow (animated snow added for special effect), I am awfully excited about this vintage plaid cape! I was already planning holiday outfits back in summer, which is when I found this Pendleton wool beauty. :) Underneath is a sweater dress from Kohl's; it was on a really great sale before Black Friday.

December 23rd

The meltdown continues today, so I can wear my lightest winter coat. Opted for leather boots, so as not to suffer any suede damage in the puddles. :)

See you all after Christmas with a recap of the holiday looks!

Wishing you and your families a truly Merry Christmas!

Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us. ~ David Cameron

'Til next time,



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